From January 2010, AREA-PROGETTO is an firm of architects and engineers. It was founded by arch. Maurizio Parolari and eng. Giovanni De Grandis. AREA-PROGETTO operates in the world of design (interior or furniture), and in the architecture and engineering world.

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design (interior or furniture) - architecture -  engineering world

the architect

Maurizio Porolari

At the present it is planning a research for a new headquarters of offices in Treviso and a new theatre + cinema (450 seats) into Milano area. At the same time the office is moving into others country as Oman, Pakistan, E.A.U. and Africa. We are planning a new hospital (500 beds) in Lahore and the new masterplan of the university of Yaounde’ II. Into the last month, the architect Maurizio Parolari was commissioned a new job as design, sector “architecture and interior” by the brand: BERTONE, one of the most prestigious firm into the world of the automotive design. AREA-PROGETTO since 2007 has partecipated at “Salone del Mobile” of Milan. From then on architect Maurizio Parolari has been invited at other exhibitions as “FuoriSalone Milano 2009” and 100%Design (London) 2010.Since 2002 to 2010 arch. Maurizio Parolari partecipated at the definitive and executive phase in different fields of the architectura. He worked with others professional offices (Sinergo Progetti Studio Associato and arch.Boris Podrecca).Since 1999 to 2002 he has worked as architect for the executive phase of the new Airport Marco Polo - Venezia Tessera with architect GianPaolo Mar. He has worked with a team of architects, developing every detail of the new airport.Whorkshop Alvaro Siza: Between the September 1999 and the February 2000 the arch. Maurizio Parolari has been selected with others architects for a workshop with Alvaro Siza.Since 1998 at 2003 the eng. Giovanni De Grandis worked in three different companies wich operate in the concrete prefabricated structures field.From 2003 he has developed the research of structural design of buildings by static, dynamic, linear and non-linear analisys. Major attention is focused on the seismic isolation. He uses the modern hardware and sophisticated software for the structural design of buildings (e.g. ETABS non-linear and SAFE, CSI-Berkley, USA).Winner of “Progetto Palestre” promoted by “Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo”, 2001 (with Soligo Architetti Studio Associato) - 1th place at the national awards promoted by CONI (Italian national olympic committee).From January 2014, arch. Maurizio Parolari and his office collaborate with “GDR Studio International Consulting & Associates” and FlyMove Holding UK to offer services and consultancy to international clients.In order to handle the job through an integrated design, the group AREA-PROGETTO has invested in “BIM” for facing new opportunities, taking a significant step forward in its internationalization strategy.The group of professionals has equipped itself with tools for three-dimensional design integrated thanks to the technical partnership with the company NKE (rif. Software REVIT of AUTODESK);


The creation of the BIM area is the modeling activity in which the components of the project are developed and disseminated. Each object is inserted, described and designed in terms of geometry, with its own characteristics, its positioning and the mutual correlation.

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