"Green, smart and global appeal buildings!"

Our multidisciplinary approach - affirms Maurizio Parolari - allows us to satisfy each and every need and to work with foreign clients, too. For example, we are designing a universi-ty campus in Cameroon and a hospital in Lahore, Pakistan”.In Italy, for Flymove Dianchè, licensee of Bertone automotive, the firm is bu-ilding a station for electric cars inside the Adria raceway in Veneto. We are planning into a big team, after to have won a public competition for the design of one of 51th “innovative school” for the Italian Government. (NZEB energy consumption).

structural design

In addition to the steel-frame sector, the studio carries out design improvement and optimization activities through continuous research and integration of CAD / Design solutions for reinforced concrete and steel projects. For this reason the study expands and integrates the design in the context of REVIT with the use of software such as Advance Steel and Advance Design (ref.Autodesk) so that it is possible to make changes to the project and synchronize the model with the result of the calculation without losing any updates.

urban planning

Do we follow the debate at national level about which urban planning for our future?Certainly the focus is on new forms of "rooting" and a new focus on the bodies and materiality of men and more generally of the living, but also with the economy and society, assuming the complexity and plurality of the organization social as an essential element. So we discuss an urban planning that is explicitly proposes to stay "with the feet in the tradition and with the look at the future ", walking in the territories and observing the landscapes, constructing visions culturally founded and at the same time experiencing concretely forms of action.

design of interior architecture

Currently the studio collaborates among the various companies in its portfolio, also with CLOU – fashion stores – pharmacy stores, a company founded in District of Brianza in 1990, it has grown a strong relationship of continuity with the territory and local workers. In addition to being specialized in fashion boutique furnishing, in 2000 CLOU has created a specific division for the furnishing of pharmacies. Today, the company believes in the principle and value of the cross fertilization of ideas, and therefore of skills and research.