the works and professional activity of the studio is published in the major national magazines into the sector of design by the year 2007 and any websyte dedicated at the architecture and design;


Currently the team is engaged in a global way in the multidisciplinary design sector both in Italy and abroad;


Ex – area Zanibellato (TV)

Design of a new office and commercial site (built = 7528 sqm);
Solutions must be sought to reduce critical issues, pollution and to increase the environmental sustainability


EX-VECOPER (loc.Istrana - Treviso)

Preliminary design of functional and environmental reconversion of the industrial area in a multifunctional center, start-up incubator, hotel & resort, experimental center of the arts.


City of Yaoundè (Cameron)

Professional assignment of preliminary, definitive and executive design of the new university campus for 10,000 students, including the creation of common areas and spaces, such as shopping center and health center.


POE Station prize 2019

On 3 October 2019, in the historic headquarters of the San Luca Academy in Rome, Flymove was awarded the best Italian project of innovative and sustainable architecture, by virtue of the architectural and design project of the POE station developed by the architect Maurizio Parolari for Bertone Architecture.


Hospital into Lahore (500 beds)

it will be a Multispecialty Hospital into Pakistan. This hospital will cater 500 patients itself on the first stretch.


Bertone's Offices into Milan

the design of the new open space offices for the technical and administrative staff of the Bertone's new design center.